Auto-generated Delivery Steps

Prodvana will automatically generate the following steps for every service using the application config.

  1. Dynamic Delivery Steps - These steps are used when doing most service pushes, including the initial creation. The delivery steps will consist of pushes of release channels, grouped by the order field in the application config, separated by a manual approval.
  2. Dynamic Rollback Steps - These steps are used exclusively for rollbacks. It will validate that the target version has been pushed before and push all release channels in parallel.

For example, the following application config:

# pvnctl applications create/edit
name: my-app
- name: staging
  - runtime: your-runtime-name
- name: prod
  order: 1
  - runtime: your-runtime-name

will generate the following steps:

  1. Dynamic Delivery Steps: push of staging -> manual approval -> push of prod
  2. Dynamic Rollback Steps: parallel pushes of staging and prod