Deploying Your First Service

In this guide, you will create, deploy, and rollback your first service.

Target Audience

An Engineer deploying a service.


Deploying Your First Service

1. Creating and Deploying Your Service

  • Go to https://(your-org)
  • Click on your application that you want to create a service under.
  • Click on "Add Service".
  • Type in any name for your service.
  • Select the container registry integration you have set up from the previous bootstrap tutorial. The repository name is any part of the container image name after the registry domain.
  • Click on "+" next to the image name to show the image tags selector. Select the tag of the image you wish to deploy.
  • Prodvana automatically figures out command and port from the docker image. You can optionally override them now and also expose ports publicly if desired.
  • Click deploy.
  • Your service is now available at

2. Deploying Further Changes

To deploy changes to your service, on the service page, click "deploy" which will open the same form used to create the service. Make any changes necessary, such as the image, then click deploy.

3. Rolling Back Your Service

To rollback a change to your service, on the service page, click "rollback" and choose the version to rollback to. Rollbacks go through a different push process that pushes every release channel in parallel.