Prodvana Benefits

The main benefits of Prodvana are velocity, ownership, and modularity & composability. Prodvana accomplishes this by creating a strong abstraction between your application and your infrastructure. This allows teams to move on different horizons and to manage systems independently.


By decoupling and wrapping the infrastructure and application aspects of management behind APIs we are able to allow organizations and teams to plan on independent horizons. The benefits of this can be seen in organizations that want to drive down supply side costs in Infrastructure or focus on lower-level technical improvements such as upgrades to core infrastructure without needing the application teams to worry about migrations.


In architectures with a strong separation of concerns ownership increases. Prodvana introduces concepts around application vs infrastructure failures in the course of application management. This increases the ability for teams to move independently as well as route and triage issues correctly.

Modularity & Composability

By having a set of core APIs for both infrastructure as well as application management engineers are able to swap subsystems in their areas of ownership without having to look for enterprise-wide migrations or workforce retraining. Conversely deploying Prodvana can be done on smaller surface areas and expand as you need.