Example Scenarios

Example Architectures

Prodvana is flexible enough to be used in various architectures that make managing your business easier. The there core scenarios are outlined below. It is possible to combine pieces of these scenarios into more complex and sophisticated environments as well.

Graduated Production Environment

The graduated production environment is a traditional production environment that promotes artifacts from dogfood -> staging -> production (and possibly other environments).

You can build upon this architecture to layout more complex use cases with desktop and mobile applications that want request level isolation from the client to the datastore.

Single Tenant Architectures

Single Tenant segmentation can be used for applications deployed in isolated environments for customers. For example, if you want to deploy isolated copies of your application.

Mobile/Desktop backend affinity

Backend affinity allows you to set up Prodvana so that request is isolated within a slice of your environment. This configuration is useful when you have multiple desktop and/or mobile clients in production and want to pin their requests against versions of your infrastructure.


It is possible to combine all of these configurations into complex scenarios that provide strong guarantees in your production environment for your application. However, the complexity of managing the application remains unchanged.