Applications are the top-level concept that Prodvana is oriented around. Each application is made up of a set of services and capabilities. This is a strongly owned surface area that is strongly owned and delivers a specific surface to the business.

Applications map to a surface area. For example at Prodvana we have two top-level applications:

  1. Prodvana Support
  2. Prodvana Platform

The support application contains services that manage database backups, our internal admin tooling as well as other systems not directly in the serving path.

The Prodvana Platform contains the services which make up the Prodvana application that you use as a user. These include APIServers, UI Servers, Database systems, etc.

Characteristics and Attributes of Applications

  • Application Pipelines - application-scoped pipelines that push multiple services in an application together
  • Services
  • Release Channels


Creating an Application

The very first thing you should do when using Prodvana is to create an application.

Applications are created via pvnctl applications create, which opens your default editor with the application config template.

Editing an Application

Applications are edited via pvnctl applications edit.