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Managed Delivery for Basic SaaS Applications

2 Hour Tutorial for startups and small teams setting up Prodvana for the first time.

Who Should Use This Guide

This guide is focused on teams that want to level up operations for a SaaS application. Following this guide will get a basic Prodvana configuration deployed in less than 2 hours.

If you are managing global scale or complex tenancy requirements we recommend reaching out to us to discuss your requirements.

Instructions for using this guide

This guide is built for small teams and startups that in the early stages of building out operational maturity. We will call out with "Blue" what is optional, "Green" what best practices are, and "Red" places other tutorials or advanced documentation will be required.


Optional Things to do

Optional tasks will be marked in blue.


Best Practices to follow

Best practices will appear in boxes like this.


Areas You Will Need To Use Another Tutorial As Well

Places you will need to follow steps from advanced documentation.


This tutorial will take about ~2 hours to complete. Its best if you can do this in one sitting, however, you can stop after each step if needed.

  1. Kubernetes
  2. CI system such as GitHub Actions or CircleCI.
  3. Appropriate access to Kubernetes and other Cloud Systems


We recommend completing the Prodvana Tutorial before going past here!

The Prodvana Tutorial will familiarize you with basic Prodvana concepts.

Tutorial Structure

This guide is setup into five sections:

Determining your architecture and process

This section will determine how you would like Prodvana setup as well as what your release processes will be.

Setting Up Prodvana Runtimes

The first step is to setup a link between Prodvana and your infrastructure. This will either be through IaC or manually in the Prodvana WebUI.

Linking Docker Repositories

Prodvana needs to know where packages are available. This step is useful so that you can display image names correctly. Prodvana does not proxy image pull requests.

Setting Up Prodvana Applications and Services

In this step we will configure your Prodvana Application and Services for deployment.

Initiating Prodvana

The last part of setup will focus on initiating Prodvana on demand or from a CI system.

What’s Next

Continue to Determining Architecture and Process