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Prodvana's Last9 integration sends change_events related to deployment events to your Last9 Levitate instance so you can enrich your dashboards with Prodvana deployment details.

Getting Started

Install the Last9 integration

  1. Open your Last9 dashboard, click on "Change Events" in the sidebar, and set a default Data Source if one is not already set.
  1. Still in your Last9 dashboard, click "API Access". Click the "Generate Tokens" button, and keep the Write tokens handy.
  1. Go to the Integrations page in your Prodvana instance and click "Connect" on the Last9 integration card.
  1. Input your Last9 Org Slug (found in your Last9 url:<org-slug>/apps) and the Access and Refresh Write tokens you found in step 2.
  1. Click Connect, and Last9 will be connected to your Prodvana instance.

Configure Last9 Events

To enable deployment change_events for an Application, add the annotations config to your Application config:

name: <application-name>
      # you can find this in your Last9 dashboard at:
      data_source: <data-source-name>
# ...

This will automatically send any deployment events to Last9 which can be used for visualization and alerting in Last9.

Disabling Last9 Change Events

To disable sending change_events, simply disconnect the Last9 integration by visiting the Integrations page on the Prodvana console, clicking the overflow menu and clicking "Disconnect."