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pvnctl preflight

pvnctl preflight provides a way to validate configuration of your cloud configurations before using them as Prodvana Runtimes.

preflight k8s


pvnctl preflight k8s

The tool will prompt you to select the Kubernetes context of the cluster you would like to validate.


Compute CheckThis check validates that the cluster has nodes or, for EKS clusters, a Fargate Profile
Basic Access CheckThis check makes a simple API call (get namespaces) to validate basic access to the cluster.
Kubernetes Permissions CheckThis check validates that the current Kubernetes user has the cluster permissions needed to install the Prodvana K8s Agent.
The permissions:
- Create/update Namespaces
- Create/update Service Accounts
- Create/update ClusterRoleBindings for the cluster:admin role
- Create/update Deployments
- Create/update Services
Test DeploymentThis check creates a test namespace and deployment and validates the cluster is able to schedule pods, and can pull Docker images from Prodvana’s public registry.

preflight ecs


pvnctl preflight ecs

This tool needs to be run in an environment with valid AWS Credentials with permissions to validate IAM Permissions (A user with AdministratorAccess will have permission).

The tool will prompt you for the AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key that you plan to use to configure an ECS Custom Runtime (See Deploying Amazon ECS with Prodvana).


IAM Permission CheckThis check validates that the IAM User connected to the provided Access Key has the necessary IAM Policies for Prodvana
Needed Policies: AmazonECS_FullAccess, ResourceGroupsandTagEditorReadOnlyAccess