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How Convergence Works Via An Analogy

Prodvana is like the thermostat maintaining a balanced temperature in the house. Each service in Prodvana represents a different "room" with its unique desired state.

Prodvana continually checks the current state of each service, much like a thermometer monitoring the temperature of the room. It then adjusts the current state of the service, like a heater or air conditioner, modifying the room's temperature.

Once the current state of the service aligns with the desired state, we say that the service has reached convergence.

But Prodvana doesn't stop there. Like a thermostat that continuously adjusts to keep the temperature at the set point despite external changes, Prodvana continuously monitors and adjusts its services to maintain their desired states, thus ensuring optimal functioning at all times.

This recursive application of convergence, applied to many services simultaneously, allows Prodvana to effectively manage complex systems, just like a smart thermostat manages the climate in a large, multi-room house.