Prodvana provides a command line tool that is an interface to configuration and management of the system.

About pvnctl

pvnctl is the primary interface from the command line to prodvana.

Installing pvnctl

All pvnctl releases are on Note that MacOS releases are not currently signed, but binaries can be executed if downloaded via terminal.

curl -L -o pvnctl.tar.gz<version>/pvnctl_<version>_darwin_arm64.tar.gz
tar xf pvnctl.tar.gz
sudo mv pvnctl /usr/local/bin/pvnctl
pvnctl --help


MacOS Only

If you receive a signature message from MacOS got to your "Privacy & Security" preference panel and allow pvnctl to run.

Please run the following commands to bootstrap it. This will ask for your organization slug (the part of the URL before, then prompt you to log in. If you do not know what your organization slug is, reach out to me.

pvnctl init

Upgrading pvnctl

pvnctl will occasionally show an upgrade message. To upgrade pvnctl you can run the self-update subcommand

pvnctl self-update --help
Update pvnctl in place

  pvnctl self-update [flags]

  -h, --help   help for self-update

Note: if you initially installed pvnctl to a root-owned directory (like /usr/local/bin) make sure to run the update command with sudo: sudo pvnctl self-update