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GCP Artifact Registry (AR)

Connect a new Registry

  1. Create a GCP service account with the read-only Artifact Registry role (roles/artifactregistry.reader).
    You can do this through the gcloud tool with the following commands.
$ gcloud iam service-accounts create prodvana-ar-readonly
$ gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding <GCP_PROJECT_ID> --member "serviceAccount:prodvana-ar-readonly@<GCR_PROJECT_ID>" --role "roles/artifactregistry.reader"

Replace <GCP_PROJECT_ID> with the ID of the GCP Project where your Artifact Registry is hosted.

  1. Generate a json key file for this newly created service account:
$ gcloud iam service-accounts keys create keyfile.json --iam-account prodvana-ar-readonly@<GCR_PROJECT_ID>
  1. Let's test that this key file works. On a machine with docker installed run,
$ cat keyfile.json | docker login -u _json_key --password-stdin https://<LOCATION>
Login Succeeded

The <LOCATION> placeholder is the regional or multi-regional location of the registry.

  1. Now to link the registry in Prodvana
  • Go to your organization's integration page (
  • Click the "Add Registry" button, and select "Other registries" from the dropdown.
  • In the pop-up form, fill in the values:
    • Name: The name Prodvana will use to reference this registry
    • Username: Use _json_key
    • Password: Copy and paste the entire contents of the keyfile.json generated above.
    • Hostname: This will depend on the location of your registry, of the form https://<LOCATION>
    • Click "Save"

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