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Offboarding Instructions

This document describes how to move workload off Prodvana.



Getting Materialized Configs

If you want to get a copy of your materialized Kubernetes configs or Helm values.yaml, with all parameters and constants substituted in, contact us before following any of the steps on here.

  1. Modify your Application (not Service) to have the following field set in config:
  name: my-app
  releaseChannels: ...
  noCleanupOnDelete: true  # set this to true
  1. pvnctl configs apply <path to app config>
  2. Delete the Application and/or Services from the Prodvana UI. the Kubernetes resources are retained but are not longer managed by Prodvana.
  3. Set up the same workload on an alternative deployment product

Custom Runtime, Terraform, Other Workloads

  1. Delete the associated Service and Application from Prodvana. Prodvana will not delete any of your workload on your Runtime.
  2. Set up the same workload on an alternative deployment product.