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Other Registries

Prodvana can integrate with any Docker registry that supports standard username/password authentication. If you can authenticate with the registry using thedocker login command, then the registry can be connected to Prodvana.

Connect a new Registry

To link the registry in Prodvana:

  • Go to your organization's integration page https://my-demo-organization.runprodvana.comClick the "Add Registry" button, and select "Other registries" from the dropdown.

In the pop-up form, fill in the values:

  • Name: The name Prodvana will use to reference this registry
  • Username: The username you want to authenticate with
  • Password: Password for this username
  • Domain: The registry URL (including the protocol, most likely https://)


The Username and Password fields are optional. If you are using a registry with public repositories, you can leave them blank to connect without authentication.