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Does Prodvana offer a free trial?

Yes, just sign up!

Where do I get help?

You can join our Discord Server and talk to the team directly!

What is Prodvana's SLA?

We provide chat, email, and phone support during business hours (US Pacific time). Our cloud SLA guarantees 99.5% uptime.

Is Prodvana a SaaS or self-hosted platform?

Prodvana is a SaaS platform.

What clouds and regions are you in?

We use Google Cloud in us-central1.

What does Prodvana have access to?

Prodvana does not ask for credentials or require public IP's. For Kubernetes, we use an agent in a specific namespace with access to your Kubernetes API. Depending on the backends you deploy to this can vary.

What about Security?

See Security

How long are events stored for?

By default, Prodvana retains 90 days of events history. Event data includes process logs, key decisions taken in a convergence. Talk to us if you need more. Release history is retained forever.