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Optional: Editor Integration for Prodvana Configs

Prodvana config schema is published to prodvana-public repo, under schemas/gen/ProdvanaConfig.json, in the JSON Schema format. With an appropriate editor integration, the schema can be used to lint configs live as edits happen.

Visual Studio Code

  1. Install redhat.vscode-yaml extension.
  2. Add the following to settings.json:
"yaml.schemas": {
  "": "*.pvn.yaml"
"yaml.format.bracketSpacing": false,



Setting this value to false prevents the autoformatter from messing with {{.var}} style templating used in Prodvana configs.


  1. Install the yaml-language server locally.
  2. Configure the yaml-language-server with the following options:
  settings = {
    yaml = {
      schemas = {
        [""] = "*.pvn.yaml"
      format = {
        braceSpacing = false