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pvn-wrapper is a helper binary meant to be used for run-to-completion jobs that execute inside of Prodvana, e.g. with Protections and Runtime Extensions.

Source Code

pvn-wrapper is open-sourced at:


To install pvn-wrapper, the easiest way is to rely on Docker to copy the binary in.

FROM as pvn-wrapper

FROM my-image-base

# copy in the pvn-wrapper binary
COPY --from=pvn-wrapper /pvn-wrapper /bin/pvn-wrapper

# do whatever else needed to construct your docker image

You can also download the binary from GitHub's release page.


The most common use of pvn-wrapper will be pvn-wrapper exec --. The exec subcommand executes your command, separate out stdout and stderr, and upload any output to Prodvana. You can drop in pvn-wrapper exec -- as the prefix to any command you need to run.

pvn-wrapper exec -- my-custom-binary --foo --bar
pvn-wrapper exec -- bash -eux -c "echo hi"