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Step 3: Create & Deploy a Service

The minimal requirement to deploy a service is to select a docker image. We will deploy Nginx with a default configuration in this deployment.

Install pvnctl

Skip this step if you've already set up pvnctl in a previous step.

Follow pvnctl docs for installing pvnctl. You should be able to run it to see the application created in the previous step:

pvnctl applications list

Create a Service

Services in Prodvana are created via config files.

  name: nginx
  application: my-app  # replace with app name from previous step
    - name: nginx
      imageTag: latest
        containerRegistry: dockerhub-public
        imageRepository: library/nginx

Apply the config file with pvnctl:

pvnctl configs apply nginx.pvn.yaml


Go to -> Applications -> your app name -> nginx. Click on deploy and select one of the images (1.22-perl works great).