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Querying Releases

To query for releases tracked by Clairvoyance, use pvnctl releases log.

pvnctl releases log

The output of the command will be a list of releases tracked by Clairvoyance. For example:

release rel-cbd4ac1f45bd42c681df3f7b6232ec35
Created Date:      2023-11-02T21:45:18Z
Last Updated Date: 2023-11-02T21:45:19Z
Status:            SUCCEEDED

  Deployment System: github-actions
  Application:       clairvoyance-demo
  Service:           demo
  Release Channel:   staging
  Commit Range:      a1fa304..f262603 (17 commits)
  High Impact Commits:
    f262603 ([email protected]): BACKEND  Merge commits can potentially introduce errors or conflicts. Merging a hotfix indicates a significant issue was addressed.
    9aa93da ([email protected]): FRONTEND The change seems targeted at improving performance. The change is focussed on optimization and not feature addition or removal.
    02fef87 ([email protected]): BACKEND  Commit message indicates a hotfix related to performance which could potentially result in an outage. The likelihood of an outa
ge is medium as it is directly related to performance.
    f73ab00 ([email protected]): BACKEND  Adding a new feature such as push notifications is a high risk as it can lead to unexpected user issues. Given the new feature 
addition the possibility of a user issue arising is moderate.
    c36b8a6 ([email protected]): FRONTEND Enhanced error messages improve user experience. Changes to error messages can sometimes lead to user issues if not done properly but the commit seems to be addressing a known problem.

Clairvoyance will give you relevant information about the release, such as the commit range, and automatically figure out what commits are likely to be high impact.

All releases have ids beginning with rel-. pvnctl releases log follows a similar semantic to git log.

pvnctl releases log --app=my-app --service=my-service # filter to a specific app and service
pvnctl releases log --app=my-app --release-channel=staging --release-channel=prod # filter to my-app on release channels staging and prod
pvnctl releases log rel-123..rel-456  # get all releases between rel-123 and rel-456