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Maestro is an intelligent conductor of releases on top of Dynamic Delivery. With Maestro, you can queue up multiple releases and have them advance in the order defined by your release strategy.


Beta Feature

This feature is in beta and the interface may change. Please talk to us before using this feature.

Enabling Maestro

To enable Maestro, add the following to your Service configuration:

    strategy: RELEASE_TRAIN

The ON_STABLE strategy tells Maestro to promote releases on each release channel once the previous one has converged.

With Maestro enabled, when you create a new release, the release will go into a queue to be processed by Maestro, instead of immediately becoming the latest desired state.

Maestro will then individually promote releases per Release Channel once the previous release has converged in that Release Channel. Your desired state will now be comprised of state from multiple releases.

Recovering From Failures

If a release fails (e.g. the Service Instance became unhealthy or had a failing post-deployment protection), Maestro will stop promoting releases in that Release Channel, which will also prevent dependent Release Channels from going forward. To recover, create a new release, and under release strategy, replace all releases in the queue.