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Enable Follow Container Repository

Prodvana can watch a Service's container repository for the most recent image and automatically update your service.

How it works

When this feature is enabled, Prodvana will regularly poll the container repository of the image configured on that service.

  1. Prodvana fetches the most recent container image from the repository
  2. Prodvana compares the creation time of the image to your service's last push time
  3. If The image is more recent than your last push, Prodvana automatically updates your service and starts a push

Here's an example scenario,

  1. Prodvana deploys a service with image:v1
  2. Your CI system builds and pushes image:v2 to your repository
  3. Prodvana detects image:v2 and re-deploys the service


This feature is currently supported for Services with a single Program configured. Support for multi-program Services is coming soon.

Enabling with pvnctl

Ensure pvnctl is installed and connected to your organization.

$ pvnctl services --app=my-app edit-metadata my-service

This will open your default text editor with some placeholder text. To enable the Container Repo Following, add this block to the file and save:

	enabled: true

When prompted, Save changes? [Y/n]: answer Y to save the changes.

Enabling in the Web UI

Coming soon!