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Prodvana External Port

Prodvana can be configured to expose services to the public internet using Kubernetes' built-in Service.


A Kubernetes Cluster with support for Service of type LoadBalancer
Supported: GKE, EKS, and Clusters configured with LB options like MetalLB.


For example, let's say we have an NGINX-based service we would like to expose.

Prodvana automatically detects default values from the NGINX docker image and found that it exposes port 80.
Checking the "External" option tells Prodvana to create a Kubernetes Service with type LoadBalancer.


The external option is checked for port 80

After pushing this service, you will see a "link" icon next to the Release Channel name. Here you will find a Prodvana-generated DNS name for your service, pointing to the Load Balancer the cluster created for you.